Our Services

The Chem-Master International team has the skill and experience necessary to meet the requirements of any client. Providing quick and cost effective solutions we are a skilled research, development, and manufacturing company. We specialize in contract projects both short-term and long-term, providing services such as Chemical Synthesis, Process Chemistry and Chemical Research. We offer intermediates, reference compounds, starting materials, and congens and/or derivatives of lead compounds. Compounds are made to order in scales ranging from milligrams to kilogram quantities.

The company will undertake:
  • Process and yield improvement to achieve economic or commercially acceptable levels of a desired substance
  • The development of new routes to a needed compound
  • Research to discover methods of synthesis for a new or required compound
  • The synthesis of compounds that require multi step processes (5-15 steps)
  • Consultational services both on- and off- site.

Our chemists work in a well-equipped facility with ready access to literature/reaction databases and literature retrieval services.

Please read on to learn more about our expertise in the areas of Chemical Synthesis, Process Chemistry, Chemical Research services.

We also offer two basic types of Service Contracts but can customize service contracts to suit the clients needs.