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Founded in 1994, Chem-Master International's long standing relationship with our clients are a testament to its “Best in Class” services. With excellent return on investment and superior customer support we maintain a diverse client base both within the U.S. and Europe. To date the company's growth can be attributed almost solely to client referrals, a measure of our reputation.

We are a skilled research, development, and manufacturing company that specializes in contract projects providing services such as custom synthesis, process development and chemical research.

Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, innovative biotechnology organizations, drug discovery groups and research academic institutions. With over 25 years of operating experience we offer our clients individual attention and each project the utmost importance.

With years of experience in serving companies both large and small, we have an excellent record for timeliness of delivery, dependability in quality of products and for efficiency in process development.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and how Chem-Master International can become an excellent partner in your R&D projects.

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Research and Development

Our mission is to develop DHA-SB-T-1214 as efficacious and safer drug for cancer chemotherapy, especially against tumors that cannot effectively be treated by Taxol(R), docetaxel, Taxoprexin(R) and other commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs.

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Our Quality

Our Compounds are 97% pure on an average as we maintain highest quality standards along with structure through NMR and mass spectrometry.

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