Executive Team

From its humble beginnings of being founded in 1994, the executive team at Chem-Master International has grown by leaps and bounds with positive year on year growth. With a combined 75 years of industrial and academic experience the founders and principals still continue to actively manage the firm along with staff of 14 full time Ph.D scientists, additional laboratory technicians and support staff.

The summary of the credentials of the two founders and principals of the company are described in brief below.

Francis Johnson, President
Education:B.Sc. and Ph.D. Glasgow University (Scotland), 3 years Postdoctoral Studies at Boston University.
Industrial and academic Experience:Spent 17 years with the Dow Chemical Co., reaching the top rank as Research Scientist before being appointed in 1974 to Professorships in both Chemistry and Pharmacology at Stony Brook University.
Publications:Inventor on ~ 70 U.S. patents and principal author or co-author of more than 180 publications in peer-reviewed journals. Recipient of numerous NIH grant awards.
Professional Expertise:Chemical methods and problem-solving in synthetic processes. Development of new methods and the improvement of known reactions especially with regard to yield. Stereochemical factors that influence reaction outcomes. Knowledge of the pharmacology of drug substances, the mechanisms of drug actions, and the design of new medicinally active substances. Synthetic experience with many types of natural products including steroids, anthracyclines, taxoids, flavonoids, modified DNA oligomers and several different types of antibiotics. Experience also in the synthesis of non-natural substances of biological interest including peptide mimics and antiviral (HIV) agents.

Telephone: 631-632-7393
Fax: 631-632-9721
E-Mail: fjohnson@chemmasterint.com

Ramesh C. Gupta, Vice-President
Education:M.Sc. & Ph.D. Himachal Pradesh University (1978, Simla, India). Worked as a Senior Demonstrator at the University of Liverpool (1979-81). From 1981-1985, worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.
Professional Experience: More than 20 years of industrial experience. Expert in chemical synthesis, process development, and in the improvement of known synthetic methods, especially with regard to yield. Worked on the process development on a large number of medicinal compounds such as acyclovir (antiviral), astemizole (antihistamine), chloroprocaine hydrochloride (local anesthetic), ephedrine and Y-ephedrine (decongestant), felbamate (antiepileptic), gemfibrozil ( to lower cholesterol and triglyceride), ketoconazole(oral antifungal), nadolol (antihypertensive and antianginal), pyridoglutethimide (aromatase inhibitor in postmenopausal breast cancer patients), tolrestat (for the treatment of diabetic neuropathy) and a number of anticancer drugs such as daunorubicine, docetaxel, doxorubicine, orataxel, paclitaxel, and PALA disodium.
Also, expertise in several synthetic areas, including synthesis of anthracyclines, flavonoids, polyamines, polypeptides, polyphenols, taxoids, triazines and triazinone derivatives.

Publications: published 31 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and one U.S. patent.

Telephone: 631-632-7393
Fax: 631-632-9721
E-Mail: rgupta@chemmasterint.com

Publications: published 31 papers in peer-reviewed journals, and one U.S. patent.